We are proud to welcome the children’s hospital Hamm as our latest customer.

We hope that the moorLDLS-BI will help Dr. Farhat and his team to help improve his treatment and that it will have a positive effect on the life of a lot of their little patients.

The hospital has published an announcement on their website. You can read the complete article (in German) here.

Dr Farhat points out the key benefits of the moorLDLS-BI: “The burn wounds won’t have to be excised on large areas anymore. This leads to better wound healing and reduced scarring. Consequently, the patients can be sent home earlier.”

The purchase of the scanner has been made possible by a generous donation of the local company Westpress. Managing director Christian Hagedorn points out: “For every single child, who benefits, it was totally worth it”.

We’ll be there to support Dr Farhat and his team with any scientific or technical questions they may have in the future.

The photos shows from left to right:

V.l.n.r.: Consultant Krzyztof Granisz, Dr. Janis Brusius (Moor Instruments GmbH), Head physician Dr. Bernward Kühnapfel, Consultant Martin Lenneper, Head physician Dr. Naim Farhat, Christian Hagedorn und EVK-CEO Marcus Kirchmann.