Welcome back from the European Burns Association 2023 conference

Welcome back from the European Burns Association 2023 conference in Nantes, France. We hope you all enjoyed the conference; it was a pleasure to catch up with colleagues from other countries and also our existing and potential customers. It was great to catch up on the latest news from around the EU and further afield. We learned ‘what’s new’ in the field of burns from the high quality presentations and posters.

With presentations covering so many areas of burns and burn care it’s difficult to list all the highlights! Of particular high standard though were the sessions on wounds, and the multitude of studies into the many wound dressings which advance year on year and really do improve both comfort and outcome following burn injury. Of course, we would always recommend a scan with a moorLDI2-BI or moorLDLS-BI to ensure the wound depth before applying any wound dressing – things are not always as they seem as demonstrated in our case studies here.

We were excited to hear your reports on how our Laser Doppler Imagers make a difference for your patients. We observe a strong learning curve for the acquisition and interpretation of laser Doppler images and even experienced users report improvements and findings, that surprise you and us.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin for the European Burns Association 2025.

Julie & Janis