Good education is the key to obtaining the best results from your system. As a result of this we provide a comprehensive face to face training package with each installation that can also be delivered annually or on demand.

In addition, we offer a suite of exclusive „customer only“ training videos covering all aspects of safe and practical imaging and assessment. These videos are intended to be used as a refresher for customers who have already been trained. Access is free and exclusive to customers who have registered for an account on this website. Register to view here.

Videos follow the same program as delivered on site and cover;

  • Safety for Patient and Operator
  • Patient preparation
  • Scan setup for patient comfort and optimum image quality
  • Confounding Factors during scanning
  • Hands-on use of the imaging system
  • Saving and Printing Scan Reports Immediately
  • Review of Images and Scan Reports
  • Interpretation of images
  • Confounding Factors to image interpretation
  • Review of examples
  • Calibration and routine maintenance