One of our existing customers recently invested in their nursing staff and provided training. The hospital received a generous grant to offset the cost of the training, perhaps there are training funds available at your hospital or through a nonprofit group. Moor Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware was contracted to provide training to seven nurses in the Burn, Trauma and High Acuity Unit at Vancouver General Hospital.

Each employee received extensive training on how to operate the moorLDI2-BI system they have onsite. A full day of training included both lecture and hands on training covering all aspects of using the burn system. Software, scanning and image interpretation were practised and mastered by each of the trainees.

Our Moor Instruments clinical trainer, Anne Marie Donahue, spent time with existing staff touring the unit to learn how they currently operate with their system. She listened to issues, concerns, known obstacles and reviewed existing scans to customize the training program to meet the specific needs of the hospital.

If you are an existing customer and have doctors and nurses that haven’t yet been trained on the burn system you have onsite, then please think about offering training to your staff. Increase the number of trained personnel that are certified to use the system and cover more patients on more shifts.

Feedback from one of the nurses recently trained: “Thank you again for a really good training session. I always appreciate passionate instructors. You can always tell who likes what he or she does.”

Contact Anne Marie Donahue at Moor Instruments, Inc. or call 302-798-7470 for more information.