How Laser Doppler Imaging (moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI) aids burn treatment

A burn injury is painful and often worrying for both patients and their families. With a burn injury, getting urgent treatment is essential for a quicker recovery and for a more successful long-term outcome.

Burn moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI shows tissue damage

Burns often look more severe than they are, and using moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI gives the burn care team a good picture of what is happening on the inside of the burn wound.

The moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI shows a map of burn wound blood flow, to visualise the severity and extent of the tissue damage.

Armed with this objective information, the surgeon can decide much earlier in the treatment whether a skin graft is necessary or not.

This is important because avoiding unnecessary skin graft operations prevents extra scarring from surgery and can often mean no scarring at-all.

Early treatment improves recovery

Burn care teams understand that with serious burn wounds, the earlier they can perform a skin graft the better the recovery, with less chance of infection and less long-term scarring.

moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI provides this early, accurate information for clinical decision-making, meaning that patients and families know sooner whether surgery is necessary or not, speeding up the time it takes for each patient to recover and get on with their life.