What happens during an moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI scan?

Using the Laser Doppler Imager (moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI) for assessing a burn is very straight-forward and is safe for both children and adults, even during pregnancy.

After the immediate patient care, cleaning and dressing of the wound, the burn care team will schedule the moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI scan. The scan should take place between 48 hours and 5 days after the burn injury.

Preparing for the scan

The burn wound dressings and any creams are carefully removed, any loosened skin is also removed.

The burn care team will make a visual assessment of the wound again and obtain any other patient information required.

The moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI scan

The imager is very manoeuvrable and can be used at the bedside, in the dressings room and in other places. The scan-head is positioned over the burn. The operator will choose the right scan size for the wound and will begin the scan.

Depending on the size of the burn and the equipment used, scanning can take a few seconds or up to a minute and half.

Scanning does not hurt because it doesn’t touch the wound or heat up the skin. Many patients will only notice the scan occurring by seeing a line or small red dot of light moving over the surface of the burn.

Reporting and review of the scan

The moorLDI2-BI/moorLDLS-BI report is ready immediately; the burn care team can view this on-screen and save it to a patient file for later consultation.

Because the images can be read on-screen, they can be brought into the operating theatre and enable the surgeons to perform selective surgery, seeing which areas to excise and which areas to leave.