Moor Instruments would like to send our thoughts and sympathies to the victims and their families of the Club Colektiv fire in Bucharest. The fire tragically resulted in 41 deaths to date and well in excess of 100 casualties.

We would also like to send a heartfelt thank you to Dr Sarah Pape who flew to Romania last week to support and assist our first response at the request of our distributor MTI in Bucharest. Sarah flew out to join our own specialist, Dr Julie Richardson. We couriered two complete moorLDI2-BI burn assessment imaging systems from the UK which were assembled by local engineers from MTI ready for use. Thank you too for the support and hospitality from the British Embassy in Romania whose quick and high level input also smoothed the passage of the imagers.

We are proud that the imagers in the expert hands of Sarah (long term user and part of the team involved in initial clinical trials) proved useful in rapidly assessing many causalities, accurately determine the extent of surgery needed and to identify those burns that would heal without surgery. The information provided was also used to identify suitable candidates to be been flown to centres in the UK, across Europe and beyond for further treatment.