Laser Doppler vs LASCA for burn assessment

A number of our customers have asked us about laser speckle imaging (LASCA) and whether we would recommend it for clinical burn assessment. The short answer (even though we offer laser speckle for other applications, as well as the laser Doppler technique found in our burn imagers) is NO.

Laser Doppler is the only imaging modality with the appropriate regulatory approvals and independently assessed efficacy to be used for diagnosis. There are important distinguishing features between these two techniques and whilst laser speckle has it’s place, that isn’t in the Operating Room, when you are trying to make an informed clinical decision.

We asked our leading experts on the subject at Moor, Dr Rodney Gush and Dr Julie Richardson to produce a technical note on the subject and you are welcome to request a copy from us without obligation or being added to a mailing list. Simply request a copy of our “LDI vs LASCA” document through our contact form and we’ll Inbox your copy!