Health Minister Simon Burns has been recently speaking about new ways in which the NHS can save money. Not by cutting good services, but by discovering better models of caring for people.

Moor has supported this ethos for many years and was a major consideration in the development of the moorLDI2-BI Burn Imager. The moorLDI2-BI remains the only laser Doppler Burn Assessment system to have been clinically verified and receive CE marking/FDA510k specifically for use in burn wound diagnosis. Results from our worldwide, multicentre clinical trials have shown that using the moorLDI2-BI in combination with clinical judgement increases the accuracy of burn wound diagnosis to more than 95%.

Moor Instrument’s Burn Assessment Imager (moorLDI2-BI) has also been supported and recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the drive to improve patient care. The NICE Committee concluded in March 2011, that the available evidence supported a clinical benefit and a cost saving when the moorLDI2-BI is used to guide treatment decisions for patients in whom there is uncertainty about the depth and healing potential of burn wounds that have been assessed by experienced clinicians.

In recognition of the challenging financial situation that the NHS is facing, NICE have reviewed the national cost estimates related to burn care and estimate that approximately £12,296.00 per £100,000.00 could be saved by the addition of a moorLDI2-BI, due to earlier, accurate diagnosis of burn wound depth and healing potential; enabling earlier skin grafts where needed; unnecessary skin grafts avoided.