Moor laser Doppler imagers have been highlighted in an abstract at the 2017 International Surgical Groups recent meeting in Johannesburg. An excerpt from Professor Stan Monstrey’s abstract can be seen here:

ISG Abstract: 2017: ‘Paradigm shifts in the management of burn injuries’

Stan J. Monstrey, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

“Evaluation of the depth of a burn is usually performed by clinical examination only which has universally been demonstrated to provide an incorrect diagnosis in up to 35% of the cases. Laser Doppler imaging is a precise and validated technique which provides an exact mapping of the depth of a burn by determining blood flow and wound healing potential. There is now ample evidence in the literature (with accuracies >96%) that a blue area on LDI will take more than 3 weeks to heal and therefore always should be operated to end up with an optimal functional and aesthetic outcome. Most professionals agree that probably nothing has more changed the management of burn injuries than LDI…”

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