We are pleased to announce the release of our latest Burns Software for the moorLDI2-BI – V4 software. This latest software version has numerous improvements and updates based directly on your feedback.

The main features and benefits of the V4 software are:

  • Four standard language options built in: English, German, Chinese, French – simply select the most appropriate option for your staff.
  • Compatibility with BurnCase 3D software – enabling you to export and overlay assessment images over the 3D frames provided by Burncase 3D. Note: requires you to have BurnCase 3D software installed on your PC – RISC Software GmbH.
  • Improved Burn report layout – for a better, clearer comparison of the burn image, video picture and greyscale image.
  • Improved function for saving burn images for presentations – simplifies and streamlines the process of saving images for inserting into documents.

For upgrade options or further information contact us.