NICE MTG2 Update – 2017

In a recent review NICE have updated the MTG2 guidance for the moorLDI2-BI system for burn assessment in the NHS, the addition of the moorLDLS-BI rapid line scanner was highlighted:

Technology availability and changes

“A new laser Doppler burn imager, moorLDLS-BI has been developed which uses a line scanning approach to minimize scan time.”

“Hoeksema et al. (2014) is an updated publication of Hoeksema et al. (2011). 596 burns from 204 patients were included in the analysis. An accuracy of 94.2% was found with use of the LDLS compared with 94.4% for the moorLDI2-BI. The results showed that the accuracy LDLS line-scan imager was comparable to that of the moorLDI2-BI. The authors concluded that higher scan speed was particularly beneficial for scans in paediatric patients.”

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