It seems like we just wrapped up in Chicago at the ABA, but it was over a month ago! Time flies and we have been busy but wanted to make sure we shared our experiences. It was a wonderful conference with plenty of social time built in to meet up with old friends and see all that Chicago has to offer. We ate too much deep-dish Chicago style pizza, it truly is delicious!!

Our booth at the conference was well attended. Several burn teams stopped by to scan their hands on our moorLDLS-BI system and asked questions relating to their individual burn units. New potential customers stopped by and talked with us about their challenges as practitioners and the benefits of our system for the entire team. We have a few no cost loans going out because of these discussions and hope to get our system out to as many customers as possible. If you want to get on the waiting list to demo or have a loan, please contact us.

We participated in a very large break out session -Gotham Shield! It was a simulated disaster plan for burn centers and personnel that included vendors and manufacturers. The groups were broken out by geographic area and as each theoretical catastrophe was announced each area had to react. It was a great forum for discussing what was and wasn’t in place and started new discussions around short and long-term goals of areas to handle major catastrophic events. It was a fun way to get to know people from all over and have open discussions about practices and vendor relationships.

As the conference wound down and everyone made plans to return home we were able to get an afternoon in to visit the Sky Deck at the famous “Sears” now Willis Tower in down town Chicago. It was a frightening first step!!

We will be attending the North East Burn Conference in Boston in November of this year to continue our commitment to partnering with the burn communities of the US and Canada. Looking forward to other Regional conferences long term and the 2019 ABA Conference in Las Vegas!!