Laser Doppler Line Scanning


Line scanning uses a line of laser light to sweep quickly across the tissue, building the blood flow map. The scan size produced is around the size of an adult hand or the whole chest of an infant.

  • We have now come to rely upon this system

    Professor Andrew J. A. Holland
    The University of Sydney

  • Independently Validated and Highly Accurate Burn Assessment from Day 2 with Moor Instruments

    NICE Quality Standards
    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

  • moorLDI helps us to confidently select the right treatment for our patients much earlier

    Mr Henk Hoeksema
    University Hospital Gent

  • We have been able to improve the accuracy of assessment of burn depth from 65% to 96%

    Sarah A. Pape, FRCSEd(Plast)
    Burns Unit Newcastle upon Tyne

  • I used the Moor LDI system as an integral part of my burn practice for the past 8 years.

    Mr Greg Williams, FRCS FRCS(Plast)
    Greater London Burn Service

  • In our opinion you cannot do without it in a burn centre. The objective assessment of burn makes the LDI a highly valuable tool.

    J Dokter, MD
    Burn centre Maasstad Hospital, Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • LDI2-BI allows us to reach highest standards in pediatric burns care

    Dr Dainius Geležauskas, MD
    Vilnius University Children's Hospital

  • LDI became essential instrument for burn depth assessment in all clinical studies performed in the Department.

    Professor Rytis Rimdeika, MD PhD
    Kaunas Medical University Hospital

Rapid imaging is an essential feature of moorLDLS-BI which is most useful when scanning patients who are unable to keep still for long. With scan times of around 4 seconds for areas up to 15cm x 20cm the system is ideal for paediatric cases and can also be used for adults with easy to use repeat imaging to cover separate wounds or adjacent areas of large burns.

  • Non contact imaging
  • Scan times from 4 seconds
  • Areas up to 15cm x 20cm
  • Repeat image mode for multiple scans
  • Results available immediately

The latest version of moorLDLS-BI software (V3.0) is now available featuring major changes to the user interface and functionality.

Summary of New Features

  • DICOM features (PACS and MWL) implemented (only available when the DICOM version is ordered).
  • Redesigned user interface windows for a cleaner more modern look and improved usability
  • Multilingual support for English, Germany, French and Chinese.
  • New calibration software and added “Calibrate” button in the Main Menu.
  • Add a Close software + Shut down PC feature in the Main menu.
  • Implement new customisable and dock-able toolbar in Scan and Review Windows
  • Support new systems with a V2 USB camera.
  • Enhance ROI functions for multi ROIs of different ROI types.
  • Enhance statistical, histogram and profile analysis windows
  • Add a Note editor window for entering additional information for each image
  • Export burn images to BurnCase 3D software (RISC Software GmbH)
  • Implement new Burns Colour palette display.
  • Improve Burn Report layout/format.
  • Improve Help contents and update confounding factors.
  • Update the burn image file format to include ROI data and note information.

For a full list of the 54 individual improvements please check the release notes on the software disc.

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This will satisfy your organisations quality assurance requirements for annual certification of electronic measurement equipment.

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