Moor Instruments, Inc. has a free loan program for their burn systems. Anne Marie Donahue is our clinical coordinator who works out of the Wilmington Delaware office and is certified to install, service and train on the Moor burn systems.

Moor Instruments, Inc. currently has two line scanners moorLDLS-BI in rotation. The loan is for a one-month period allowing enough time to trial the system by staff. Moor will ship the system to your facility, setup the system onsite and provide overview training for your staff. The process starts with a one-page loan agreement and $0 PO to allow the system onsite.

Please reach out to Anne Marie at or 302-798-7470 to get additional information. If you don’t have an interest at this time but know of a colleague who may, please feel free to share the information. She is always available for a quick call if you want to discuss any of our systems for clinical or research use at 302-798-7470.