Early Adoption

We started to attend Burn Congresses routinely – The British Burn Association, European Burn Association, American Burn Association and the Australia and New Zealand Burn Association for example. Interest in the system was keen as it was recognised by Burn Surgeons that there was nothing else other than experience to aid diagnosis in the more difficult cases. Critically important relationships formed at this stage with leaders in the field that endure today and include groups such as Newcastle, Gent, Washington, Sydney amongst others too numerous to mention. Early adopters used our standard research software and hardware but we quickly realised this couldn’t be the final solution that would gain widespread use as we received more feedback. In order to offer a system that could be used easily and safely in theatre and bedside, we refined the moorLDI into moorLDI2 which featured a sealed “through window” design for ultimate patient safety and a digital camera for colour photograph of the burn.