A Successful Congress Conclusion In Zurich…

On behalf of Moor Instruments we’d like to say “Thank you” for an exciting and informative congress at the 23rd meeting of the “Arbeitskreis – Das schwerbrandverletzte Kind”.

We used the chance to catch up with our existing customers and were happy to hear about their experiences as well as having the opportunity to explain the functionality of our burn imagers to interested delegates.

Thanks to all for the positive feedback, reports from clinical everyday life, ideas for improvements and scientific discussions.

Special thanks goes to Clemens Schiestl, Kathrin Neuhaus and Claudia Hollborn from Kinderspital Zurich for the well-organized congress and the very friendly atmosphere.

Zurich also showed us her sunny side, so the trip to beautiful Switzerland was an all-round pleasure!

We hope everyone had a safe trip back home and we hope to see you soon!