ABA 2019 Round Up

ABA#50 was a success!! Thank you to all our existing customers who stopped to see us, we appreciate you and your care teams.

We spotted several posters using our system in both clinical and research applications. It was nice to stop and talk with the presenters. A Mid Atlantic team from Johns Hopkins presented during a session on the benefits of laser Doppler and burns using our system. We were able to catch up with this dynamic team after their presentation to discuss their findings.

We were excited to have so many interested parties stop by to talk with us – everyone got their hands scanned to see their blood flow map. Lots of discussion around the technology of laser Doppler and how it’s been a helpful tool in the burn units across the US and Canada as well as globally.

Our customers in Edmonton brought the whole conference team to our both to try our super-fast moorLDLS-BI line scanner. It was great to meet everyone!! After seeing how easy the system is to use and already knowing all the benefits of laser Doppler they want a one month loan trial. We are looking forward to being onsite with the Edmonton burn team soon.

If you want to participate in our loan program, our moorLDLS-BI line scanner is available for a one month loan trial, email donahue@moorinc.com for more information.

We also like to have some fun when we go to conferences. One of our team spent the day before the conference hiking the Grand Canyon and saw wonderful views in the National Park. Of course, when the conference is in Las Vegas there is an endless list of things to see and do. We enjoyed walking the strip and had lunch at an outside café. It was relaxing and had great views with unlimited people watching opportunities!

We look forward to seeing everyone again at the next ABA in Orlando, March 2020!!