The management and treatment of paediatric burns is a subject we often hear discussed in the burns community, with the ultimate aim being the optimisation of healing time and reduction in the rate of hypertrophic scarring. In a recent Publication from Kishikova, Smith & Cubison (2014) a structured approach to managing the burn wound was demonstrated to have improved wound outcomes with regards to both healing time and rate of hypertrophic scarring. One aspect of their structured approach to the treatment of paediatric wounds was the use of laser Doppler (moorLDI2-BI) as a diagnostic aid: “The use of diagnostic aids such as laser Doppler imaging (LDI) and formal review after 48 h to assess healing potential is key to ensuring appropriate treatment.

Lyudmila Kishikova, Matthew D. Smith, Tania C.S. Cubison, Evidence based management for paediatric burn: New approaches and improved scar outcomes:
Burns 40 (2014) 1530 – 1537. Now available on line:

It is great news the moorLDI2-BI burn imager continues to have a positive impact in the management and treatment of paediatric burns. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our Burn Assessment Imagers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.